Thanks to the following supporters

Obtree Technologies Inc.

Obtree is our biggest supporter. They host this webserver and sponsor a lot of money which helps us to give you two bangs per buck.

Intention? Seeking new talents to hire (or paying for the brain drought it already caused to the swiss scene ;-)


Cablecom will provide us a 2MBit line to connect you to the world outside of Bünzli.

Intention? Impressing you how easy and fast Internet through tv cable is.

Distefora Mobile

Distefora Mobile is providing our Bünzli News Over SMS.

Intention? Getting you to develop their cool mobile applications.

Brack Consulting Computersysteme

Brack is sponsoring prices for our compos.

Thali AG

Thali is also sponsoring prices for this years competitions!


Suse Germany is also sponsoring for the competitions.