Jingle Compo

To announce our party, we need an invitation jingle for Nectarine, the
radio for the demoscene, and probably other broadcasting stations. To
take part in this compo, compose an invitation-jingle for us and upload
it to ftp.chscene.ch.

Topic: Invitation-jingle for Buenzli #10
Format: MP3 - Has to be in a zip-file with description
Description: Name of composer, email, name of jingle
Size: Doesn't matter
Duration: max. 30 seconds
Deadline: 01. July 01 24:00
Content: The jingle must cover the name Buenzli somewhere

You can find the best jingle of the last year's competition for Buenzli #9 here [630 k].
1. Place: 1 Buenzli #10 - T-Shirt + 1 Cowee (Buenzli #10 cow)
2. Place: 1 Buenzli #10 - T-Shirt
3. Place: 1 Cowee (Buenzli #10 cow)
The Buenzli #10 Staff

Questions or comments?
Please write a mail to bzcompo@chscene.ch