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04.08.2001 - Party is closing up
Even if our Webmaster is a lazy bum, we're working to make this Bünzli another delight. Registrations are still a bit low, so kick your friends to register and attend aswell. And don't hesitate to show up if you're not keen of watching into your computer for a whole weekend. There's a bar for some more social forms of contact than TCP/IP.

Like last year, The Random Kings will enhance our noisy background with six hours of beats and grooves. They are scheduled to play Saturday from 14:00 till 20:00. Don't hesitate to bring your own instruments as you will be allowed to plug in aswell.

We removed the size limit from the demo competition. Feel free to waste our harddisc space.

And at last: Prepayments will only be accepted till 13th of August.

24.06.2001 - Registration Form online
You are now able to register for Bünzli 10. Your registration helps us to organize things properly. People that preregister won't have to worry about a table, plus if you pay your entrance fee in advance, you only have to pay 40sfr instead of 45sfr! Here is theform.

27.05.2001 - Bünzli Pre-Compo #1
Bünzli is closing up, and here comes our first pre competition: compose an invitation jingle. For more details click here!

21.03.2001 - Compo Rules added!
Check them out here!

11.03.2001 - Bünzli Picture Gallery added!

Remember Spring 1996? The Pfadiheim? No? Well, have a look at the past Buenzli Events here. If you have addidtional pictures (or movies) please send them to me.
Will will publish them right away.

02.03.2001 - We're online!
Cool, the new website outfit is ready. There is not much content here at the moment, but more is on the way...