How can I sleep at night? How can I rest? I could miss some information about the approching buenzli party!!!

Do not worry, lonesome figher! We have THE solultion for you at hand! The Maillinglist!
If you call the our operators right now, and order the maillinglist, you will also recieve a free set wait...wrong text....just subscribe, it's free and it will keep you up-to-date!

You can use this litte form here to subscribe yourself to our Buenzli Maillinglist,
if you are used to majordomo you can do this yourself:

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    I understand, that by pressing this very "subscribe me" button (that is the grey thingy a bit lower), i will not receive some free but completly useless maschinery for my household, my training room, my misrable garden, my children, and god forbidd not for my pets. To make sure that i'm really, really sure, i now stand up, press my lips against the screen and say out loud: (yes, we can hear it!!!) I UNDERSTAND!