Welcome back, sceners!


Erm...okay, come down, easy... good.

Yes, this year we have dedicated the famous bünzli design to soccer, or "fussball" as we call it. Yes, this is the silly game, your normalo school comrades played all the time... But WHY, for the mother of god, soccer do you ask? Would you prefer volleyball? Or ping pong? even tea-boo? (tea-boo? Isn't that the gymnastic stuff, that charles bronson was selling the other night on television?...ah no...i'm confusing things...) To be honest with you, i don't have a f***ing clue, why we have this soccer-theme-thingie this year. Ask Fred, he's the design guy.

This year the buenzli party will return in full force. Some quick facts:

The Bünzli 10 will be held from Friday 17th till Sunday 19th August 2001. The good thing about this date is, that it doesn't collide with the "Street Parade". So all you rave-headz can also attend.

We, the organizers (the guys with the silly shirts who didn't have to pay) liked the last party location so much, we decided it would be a darn shame to no use it again. So we fougth hard, and yes, buenzli 10 will again be held in Berne at the famous Bierhübeli! Horrrayyy!

Hm...currently we do not have much more information than that, this website is still ramping up.
We will add more information and features as soon as possible....so, stay tuned, and check back often!

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